Persuasive writing

In class we are doing something called persuasive writing. persuasive writing is something you write to get someone’s attention to get something you want to change. check out this persuasive paragraph that I wrote.♥  

  I think we should get more than one recess. It would be awesome if we had more than one recess think about it we would get double play time and if you didn’t finish a game at one recess you can finish it at the other recess,  your problem is solved you can play one at one recess and one at the other. I think it would be really cool if we had more than one recess do you think comment your thought do you think it would be cool or do you think it wouldn’t be so great



Olivia’s survey

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About Theme

We are learning about theme. Theme is something that you find in books, paragraph’s and sentences,  for example if someone is being very kind to someone else the theme is kindness. We have been doing a lot of papers about theme. One of the papers you have to read a book and write the theme in a box and tell about how it is the theme. We do most of are papers at reading time . It is really fun doing theme.

My Thanksgiving Tradition

Every Thanksgiving my family has a tradition where all of us sits on the ground and plays games while dinner is cooking and some of the games we play are well most of the time my parents and other family members are playing board games and me and my cousins play on my Kindle and we play Minecraft, math games (sometimes) and when dinner is ready we sit at the kitchen table and have turkey, carrots, mash potatos and after dinner we have pumpkin pie but I don’t like pumpkin pie so I have a chocolate cupcake and a  glass of milk. and after that we watch a movieand fall asleep. That’s what I do for Thanksgiving.




My Cousin’s Avatar

I chose this as my cousin because she lives in Alaska and every day I can look at her. And I chose this shirt because she loves writing. I also chose a phone because she loves her phone. her favorite colors are purple I did tat color as her pants, and as her shirt color I did white and her hair is brown and it is in a ponytail.

About my guinea pig

My guinea pig Giblet is so so so so so so cute. She is a copper brown and white color she has a white ring around her eye and on the other she has a brown ring. Her favourite foods are lettuce and carrots. In her cage she has a wooden hut and a Pepsi box for some weird reason and she runs in and out of that box like there’s no tomorrow. When I take her out of her cage she sometimes pees on me and also she runs around on the floor and goes behind the couch and also when I am holding her she slips of my lap and runs away.